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Happy Families 

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Some of my success stories from well-rested parents

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Mum Rose & Luca, aged 22 months

We feel we were so lucky to find Georgie. From our first email interaction to our last phone call Georgie was an amazing support to us and put us at ease.


We were at the point where we desperately needed help and couldn’t see a way forward and to be honest, I never believed that we would be where we are now. We have gone from having to be with Luca while he fell asleep constantly feeding and would be awake every two hours - usually in our bed, to now Luca self settles and will sleep 11 hours in his own cot!!


I always felt supported by Georgie and would appreciate the morning calls and emails to discuss how the night went.

Georgie, you have made such a difference to our family life and I can’t thank you enough.

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Mum Georgina & George, aged 10 months

Amazing!!! We worked with Georgie for 2 weeks as our 10 month old son has never been a great sleeper. He used to wake lots in the night, would always end up in our bed, we had to hold him to sleep, his naps were rarely longer than 30 mins and he was waking up for the day at 4.30am. 


We went for a moderate involvement approach, so we didn’t have to let him ‘cry it out’ and our level of involvement was totally down to us. Georgie was happy to support us whether we wanted barely any involvement or whether we wanted to begin this process by sitting next to his cot. We decided that giving my son space to figure it out himself would work best, while checking on him at timed intervals to reassure him. 


Within the first night, my son had fallen asleep on his own and slept through the night. I couldn’t believe it! Each night we put him down wide awake for bed and he fell asleep on his own. After night 1 there were no tears and he had learnt to fall asleep independently. Over the last 15 nights, I’ve been in his room a grand total of once to give him some teething liquid as he even cut 2 teeth and still managed to sleep every night! He wakes up in his cot every morning, we’ve cut out the white noise, and he’s sleeping later (he’s still a very early riser but not quite so bad!). 


Naps have definitely improved and Georgie gave us set times to follow on these. Some have been as long as 1.5 hours which is a real improvement for us. We’re continuing to work on these and she’s given us some great advice to take forward with us. 


I can’t recommend Georgie enough, after 10 months it’s so nice to go to bed and actually get some sleep and not dread the night ahead! She answered all of our questions and has given us lots of hints and tips for sleep up until he’s about 3 years old. I just wish we had sorted it sooner. 


Thank you so much Georgie! 


Mum Gemma & Archie, 3 years 7 months old

When I first heard about sleep consultants I was very sceptical but after 3 ½ years of no sleep, I’d give anything a go.


Georgie was amazing! She’s so supportive and answers any questions you have whether it’s by phone or e-mail and her support is brilliant as it makes you feel confident in what you are doing.


For the first time in 3 years, I’m getting a decent night’s sleep in my own bed with my child sleeping in his, in under 2 weeks of working with Georgie!


She works miracles and I would highly recommend her to anyone that is in need of sleep!

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Mum Abby & Monaé-Bléu, aged 20 months

Georgie is simply amazing!!!!

From start to finish she really was a dream, constant check-ins throughout, she’s helped us in so many ways and needs to take huge credit for getting us to where we are today. 


We have gone from huge amounts of awakenings to 1-2 a night which is a dream!! Gone from drinking 1 litre of fluid in the night to only two 3oz bottles in the night!!!


Monaé is in a much better routine and we are both so much happier! Here’s to the next hurdles!!

Thank you once again lovely! ❤️❤️

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Mum Sarah & Salma aged 5 Years

I'm so fortunate to have worked with Georgina for the past few months on fixing my kid's sleep.


We have struggled for a long long time with our 5-year-old and had so many sleepless nights, Georgina guided us step by step on how to work with our daughter sleep issues and we managed to fix her sleep in no time!

She is also very professional and a pleasure to work with, she kept following us long after our consulting period ended.


I would highly recommend her for anyone that is struggling with their kid's sleep, she’s magic!


Mum Clare & Marlo
aged 10 weeks

Can not recommend Georgie enough. Even though we're on baby no2. I was completely thrown by how different he was and felt completely unsure of everything again. With an added toddler I knew I needed to put sleep first for everyone.


Georgie helped with some early good practices to put in place and a personalised early sleep guide for him to help with a loose routine. She was on hand to answer my questions and reassure me.


I believe sleep is so so important for everyone's happiness and now we have a little boy who is happy to nap in his cot and sleeps well at night only really waking for quick feeds. If we run into issues further down the line I'll be sure to ask Georgie for more help.


Mum Shaikha & Faye
aged 3 years

So happy we worked with Georgina. It’s been a struggle with our little one to self settle at night.


Georgina’s program and guidelines has helped eliminate the night feeding and the midnight chaos.


Soft spoken, calm, reassuring character that was ideal during our transition.  I would recommend Georgina with a heartbeat. Organized, sweet, and lovely working with her.

Thanks a million.

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Mum Sami & Ezra
aged 4 months

We have been so lucky to benefit from Georgina's expertise and kind approach, helping us with our little ones' sleep. 

Having winged it for the first few months, it was so helpful to understand from Georgina what 'Normal' looks like, and what gentle steps we could take to encourage more sleep. 

Within days we were able to put our little man down early in the evening whereas it had been

11 pm before. 

Georgina has guided us each step of the way using a very gentle approach, without judgement and with positive results. 

We only wish we'd been in touch sooner. 


Mum Jade, Addison aged 5 years & Tyler aged 21 Months


Life changing!

I can highly recommend Georgie if you are looking for a sleep consultant. Georgie is professional, friendly, and very knowledgeable.

We were sceptical at first, and it took us a while to decide to go ahead, but it was the best thing we did for us as a family.

Georgie helped us with our 5 year old and 21 month old. Both children had trouble getting to sleep without us and staying asleep, especially our 21 month old.The plans Georgie put in place for us were brilliant, and we, as parents, learnt a lot. 

I will be forever grateful for the help and guidance she gave us. We will definitely contact Georgie in the future if we run into issues again.

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Mum Ghazal & Rai
aged 8 months

Thanks to Georgina, we've seen remarkable improvements in Rai’s sleep patterns and overall well-being.


The strategies and techniques shared were effective yet gentle, emphasizing both practicality and empathy.

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