Sleep is priceless!

There is no doubt parenting is hard, but on a constant lack of sleep, you feel like you're sinking! 

Think of the person, the parents, the family, you could be with sleep, but most of all think of how your child will feel!

Bespoke Sleep Services

Get in touch with details about your little one's sleep challenges via email 

Book in your 15 minutes (no-obligation) parent to parent call, to find out more about the process. and how I can help you. 

Once you have booked your sleep package with me, we will schedule a date for your initial video or audio consultation. 

You will receive a bespoke step by step sleep plan and sleep log.

Along with my support, you will start your journey to sleep success!

How it works

Bespoke Sleep Services

From bumps and beyond, building healthy sleep foundations for our little ones. 

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Nurturing Newborns

Designed for new parents, from newborn up to 4 months old. 

Although babies cannot be expected to sleep through the night in the early months, you can support them in the early weeks and set healthy sleep foundations, by understanding the science behind sleep and their developing sleep rhythms.   


  • Intake form evaluation

  • A 60-minute phone or video consultation

  • A bespoke sleep plan (for babies aged 8+ weeks) 

  • 1 week follow up support

  • A final wrap up call with a Q&A opportunity

  • A bespoke 'Newborn E-Book' to guide you through the first 4 months



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Bespoke Sleep Coaching

Designed for babies, toddlers and children, 4 months of age to 6-year-olds. 


Understanding development, transitions, sleep cycles and much more. Learning how to approach sleep, and give your little one and your family quality sleep you all need and deserve. 


  • Intake form evaluation

  • Up to 90-minute phone or video consultation 

  • Bespoke sleep plan & sleep log

  • 2 weeks of scheduled support via phone and email

  • A final wrap up call with a Q&A opportunity

  • A bespoke sleep guide for your continuing sleep journey


Sleep Talk

Perhaps you would like some advice and tips over the phone for your little one without the daily support. 

  • A sleep evaluation 

  • 60 Minute consultation 

  • Sleep E-guide for future sleep scenarios

  • 1 follow up email & phone call


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Returning clients

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You're here because you need to get back on track.


Maybe you think they're ready to move from a cot to a bed?

Do you have another child or a new arrival and they are having sleep issues? 

Prices on request.

If you are a group of friends with children, expectant parents, or a child care service that would be interested in learning about baby & Infant sleep. 

I offer a 90 minute online tailored workshop for a minimum of 6 people.



- The importance of sleep

- Nap & bedtime guidance 

- Age-appropriate tips

-   Group Q&A

And much more!

£35 per couple or £25 per person

*Siblings will incur an extra charge, due to the nature of  different stages & issues required

 ** Twins & Multiples do not incur an extra charge