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I am desperate for help, my little one just won't sleep!
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All babies, toddlers and children can sleep, we just need to teach them how with the right tools & support.

Sleep is a biological necessity in order to physically & mentally grow, function & thrive!

Every child & family are different, but we all require the same need for sleep.

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If you are still reading, know that you're not alone, 
it's never too late. 
Help is possible & within your grasp. 
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About Me

Hi, I'm Georgie, and I'm so pleased you found me. If it's sleep you're after, you're in the right place!


First and foremost I'm a mummy of two, my firstborn was not always a good sleeper, but thankfully loves it now, and he is the reason Dreamy Little Sleepers came about. I have been there with exhaustion and anxiety, doing what I thought I needed to do in the desperation of getting my baby to sleep in order to survive each day. 

From the moment I was pregnant, I was often hearing that I should say goodbye to sleep, even by the professionals! I was never offered advice or support regarding sleep as a new mum. Until I was lucky enough to be introduced to a sleep consultant months later.

With her guidance, our family life became less strained, we were all getting more rest (feeling and looking less like zombie's) and we could enjoy each other so much more. We were able to be the parents, the family we wanted to be, and my son was so much happier and brighter for it! I have never looked back and the value of sleep became second to none! 


Now I'm lucky enough to gift families with sleep and help educate parents worldwide! My goal is to empower you with knowledge, confidence and the tools to give you all sleep that is so desperately needed, and bring the family together with a happier child and content environment. 

My Philosophy

My approach is open, honest and realistic. I focus and listen to your individual child's needs, their sleep environment, your lifestyle and parenting style, after all, you are the expert on your child! 

I will be your cheerleader, there to guide you, to listen, hold your hand.


I work to the comfort level of you the parent, and we work together to build the right plan for your little one. Your goals are my goals, and with your consistency, patience, new knowledge and my support you can all have the rest you need and deserve.

Although I cannot guarantee there won't be any tears, I aim for fewer tears, supporting an appropriate response, never asking you to ignore a baby or infants needs. 


I am a Certified Sleep Consultant, trained through the world-renowned Family Sleep Institute.


Basics of lactation management

Reducing the risk of SIDS

Child behaviours & approach


Using scientific, evidence-based coaching methods, and up to date safety guidelines from the NHS, the Lullaby Trust and American Academy of Paediatrics. 

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Bespoke Sleep Services

Wondering why that book, online sleep app or piece of advice didn't work for you and your little one? That is because each situation is unique, and specific to your family.

There is no one formula for all which is why my services are bespoke to each individual child and family.

Sleep is as important as our nutrition, it is part and parcel of our health and well being

Nurturing Newborns

Designed for new parents who want to establish healthy sleep foundations in the early weeks. 

Bespoke Sleep Coaching

Designed for babies, toddlers & children, aged 4 months - 6 years old. 



"Amazing!!! I can’t recommend Georgie enough, after 10 months it’s so nice to go to bed and actually get some sleep. I just wish we had sorted it sooner."

Georgina & Lee
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